Lux Interior, CRAMPS founder, has died.:Hot and Latest News
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Lux Interior, CRAMPS founder, has died.

Feb 4th is a dark day. The lead singer of the Cramps, Lux Interior, has passed away at age 60. In the liner notes of the Cramps' "Gravest Hits" record, he was described as "the psycho-sexual Elvis/Werewolf hybrid from hell." He is survived by his wife and longtime collaborator, the beautiful and deadly Miss Poison Ivy.

Above, here he is with the band in their early days, performing a free concert in 1978 for patients at the Napa State Mental Hospital. It is perhaps not the best quality recording of their work, and not even their best performance, but it's the kind of reckless, free-floating awesome they were. (Thanks, Derek Bledsoe)


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