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The Little Prince: Lost Season 5, Episode 4 Recap

While not on the same level as last week’s instant classic, Jughead, this week’s episode of Lost provided enough gotta-text-my-friend WTF moments to satisfy fans. What did we learn tonight, kids? A couple of big things, including who is threatening Kate with lawyers and paternity tests and the much-debated fate of a certain castaway.

The Little Prince begins on Penny’s boat, a couple of days after the rescue of the Oceanic Six. It is night, and Kate and Jack are out on deck, debating what to do about Aaron. Kate tells Jack that Claire was going to put the baby up for adoption – that’s why she was heading to Los Angeles – and she’ll be damned if they let that happen.

“We can’t lose him, too,” she says, trying to convince Jack to let them say Aaron is her son.

Jack tells her he’s going to get everyone to lie; which we know everyone – even a stubborn Hurley – would agree to the next day.

Flash forward to three years later; Kate is leaving Aaron in the care of Sun while she goes off to talk to the lawyer who’s been hounding her. When she leaves, a delivery man shows up with a large pizza, with a double order of guns. Also: pictures that show Jack and Ben together. And by “double order of guns” I meant there was a box of chocolates, and underneath the first layer there was a gun. So, yeah…

Jumping to everyone’s favourite time-travellers, we pick up where Jughead left off: Charlotte is out cold and bleeding from the nose. Juliet seems convinced Faraday knows what is going on, as does Sawyer. Faraday tells Juliet it’s like “really bad jet lag” but he doesn’t know why it’s happening.

Kate is meeting with the shady lawyer, Dan Norton, trying to cut a deal. She says she’ll give a blood sample if he lets her talk to the client. The lawyer doesn’t think that’s going to happen, and tells her she’s in no position to bargain. There’s going to be an exchange of custody, he tells Kate.

“You did this to yourself,” he says. “You are going to lose the boy!”

Okay, he didn’t say it with an exclamation mark, but you get the point.

Back on the island, Locke has decided they need to get back to the Orchid station, where all this time travel business began. Locke also says he needs to get off the island and bring back the others, as the time traveling only started after the left. Sawyer tells him everyone on the chopper and boat are dead.

“Don’t you want her to come back?” he asks Sawyer.

We cut to Sayid laid up in the hospital bed. Jack tells him he’s been out for 42 hours. Hurley calls Jack from prison, where he seems quite happy to be. While Jack is out of the room, an assassin dressed as a nurse tries to take out Sayid, who uses his own assassin skills to outwit the would-be killer. They find Kate’s address in his pocket. Jack goes off to save Kate, while Ben (who’d shown up at the hospital) and Sayid head off together, even though Sayid doesn’t really trust Ben any more. The three agree to rendezvous at the marina.

On the island, Sawyer is quizzing Locke about what he’ll tell Kate to make her want to come back. A beam in the night sky – which looks like the light that came from the hatch at the end of season on – catches their attention. Locke wants to avoid the light at all costs. As they continue to walk through the jungle, Miles notices his nose is bleeding. The group hears screaming, and Sawyer rushes off to find out what’s happening. In one of the best scenes of the young season, he stumbles across Claire giving birth to Aaron; you’ll recall Kate acted as a midwife for the delivery. He’s stunned, and says nothing, until a flash takes them to another time.

We cut to Kate waiting in her car outside the lawyer’s office. Jack arrives. She tells him about the lawyer, Mr. Norton, and how someone is trying to take Aaron away. When she spots his car leaving the parking lot, they trail him.

On the island, Locke asks Sawyer what he saw; Sawyer doesn’t want to say. Locke says it is the night that Boone died, and that light was from the hatch. Sawyer wonders why Locke didn’t want to tell his younger self what happens, so they can avoid the mess they’re in. Miles tells Faraday about his nose bleed, but doesn’t want to tell the others. Faraday tells him he thinks the nose bleeds are related to time spent on the island. Miles doesn’t buy it, as he’s only been on the island two weeks, while Sawyer and Locke have been there for months.

“Are you sure about that?” asks Faraday.

They get to the oceanside only to find their campsite in shambles, the zodiac gone – they were going to use it to reach the Orchid – and two new boats – catamarans? – on the beach. They find a water bottle for an Indian airline in one of them.

“Who came in these, other Others?” asks Sawyer.

They take one of the boats. While paddling to the Orchid, Sawyer tells Juliet what he saw before being interrupted by gunfire – the owners of the boat are following in the other boat. Luckily, a time-flash saves them.

Kate and Jack follow the lawyer to a motel, where they find out he’s meeting with Claire’s mom, of all people. Jack convinces Kate to let him talk to the mom.

“She’ll listen to me,” he says. “Aaron is my family too.”

But when he confronts her, she can only ask: “Who’s Aaron?”

Meanwhile, Ben and Sayid wait in an underground parking lot. Mr. Norton, the lawyer, arrives. He tells Ben that Hurley is sure to get out of jail – the police have concluded that the first murder, outside the asylum, was committed before Hurley broke out.

On the beach, while Sawyer continues to tell Juliet about seeing Kate, he notices her nose is bleeding. They find some wreckage on the beach, including things written in French. Cut to a bunch of Frenchmen in a raft. They find a body floating in the water. When I was watching I would have bet a million dollars it was Rousseau, but it turns out to be JIN!

At the marina, Jack, Kate, Ben and Sayid rendezvous. Kate is freaked out by Ben’s appearance, but Jack tries to convince her the uber-Other is on their side. Kate accusses Ben of being the one behind the lawyer. Ben fesses up, yeah it was me. While all this is going on, we see Sun watching, with Aaron in the backseat.

The show ends with Jin waking up on the beach. The lone (young) Frenchwoman in the group introduces herself: Danielle Rousseau.


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