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Sara Kuszak: Sara Kuszak killed (photos)

Sara Kuszak, a pregnant American tourist in Ceiba, eastern Puerto Rico, was killed on Wednesday February 4. Kuszak was abducted and stuffed into the trunk of a car. Kuszak used her cell phone to call for help. Kuszak was killed about 1 hour after her call.

Kuszak was 5 months pregnant. She arrived in Puerto Rico to see her fiancé, Cheshire McIntosh. Police found Kuszak dead in a field. Police found a suspect and arrested the local man. His shirt was soaked with blood. However, the suspect said he had attended to an injured horse. Police need to test the blood to determine if it was animal or human blood. Also, the blood needs to be matched against the DNA of Ms Kuszak.

Kuszak was abducted during her morning jog. Even when she was bundled into the car, Kuszak called an employee working at a marina and described her attacker’s car. The lady employee called police to relay the message. It was a bit too late to save Sara Kuszak.

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