Catalase Enzyme - A Cure for Grey Hair?:Hot and Latest News
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Catalase Enzyme - A Cure for Grey Hair?

Is your hair going grey? Well, science may have found the culprit - Catalase! A digestive enzyme, catalase is essentially omnipresent in all eukaryotic life. Its job is to act as a catalyst (catalase - catalyst!) for the process of separating water into component parts - oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide - surprising. Catalase performs this process in excess of a million times in just one second. But it also seems that it is responsible for causing greying of hair in older people. Remember - catalase also breaks down hydrogen peroxide, which is toxic.
Catalase Enzyme
Catalase Enzyme
Catalase Enzyme

Basically, if there isnt enough catalase (which there commonly isn’t in hair of older people), hydrogen peroxide builds up and damages the hair so that its original colour is lost. If we can find a way to interfere with this process, perhaps re-supplying the hair with catalase, greying may become a thing of the past. Check this video below to see catalase in action.

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