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Dual Saw Versus a Monolithic Dome

We gave a Dual Saw to a couple of the boys at As Seen on TV Network and told them to go to town. They took the Dual Saw to a monolithic dome, and let’s just say they didn’t disappoint.

Still in renovation, this genuine monolithic dome can withstand a class 5 tornado. The original owner of the dome was a national bakery chain who used the dome for production. Though the bakery took much of their stuff with them when the left, they still left quite a few things behind. This meant the boys had 60,000 square feet worth of stuff with which to test the Dual Saw.

We also were brave enough to give them a camera or two. They were brave enough to film a few shots of their exploits in the monolithic dome. Below is what they sent back. Take a look for yourself. (Good brick is so expensive, too)

Something tells me we’ll be seeing more Dual Saw adventures from the boys at As Seen on TV Network. I just wish they wouldn’t have hurt that poor PC (just kidding).For more information about the dual saw, please visit dualsaw.com. If for no other reason, then soyou can hear billy mays tell you about it.


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