Paige Birgfeld: Paige Birgfeld is missing (photo):Hot and Latest News
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Paige Birgfeld: Paige Birgfeld is missing (photo)

Paige Birgfeld, 34, went missing in June 28 2007. Birgfeld had a secret life which made things complicated when it came to tracing her last movements and listing possible suspects.

Birgfeld married her first husband, Ron Beigler. They divorced. Birgfeld then married her second husband, Rob Dixon. Birgfeld had 3 children with Rob Dixon, her second husband. They divorced after that.

Birgfeld became a single mother. Birgfeld worked at least 2 jobs to support her children. However, Birgfeld worked a secret third job which she hid from her family and friends. Birgfeld was also Carrie, a high class social escort.

Lester Ralph Jones, a mechanic and maybe Birgfled’s customer, was employed near the location where Paige Birgfeld’s car was found burnt. Jones is a suspect but police do not have sufficient evidence to arrest him.

Paige Birgfeld is missing - details of her story.


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