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How to Foil the Trojan.VUNDO

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An attack on my pc occurred a few days ago that threatened to become serious. I thought my PC was going to go down about two days before Christmas. Would my credit card and passwords be compromised? Fortunately, however, I managed to fix the problem.
The most worrying problem was the inability to use Windows Updates. My antivirus package (Norton Antivirus) detected trojan.VUNDO. It reported the problem was fixed, but then the problem returned immediately.
If the PC is cut off from security updates from the operating system provider (Microsoft) it will then become vulnerable to further more serious attacks. A criminal who knows you have been cut off from help from the software vendor support knows you are defenceless and that sooner or later he will be able to get to sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details. Your computer could be a goldmine for the criminal.

It is important when you realise that you cannot get security updates you eliminate this problem. Do not ignore it, even if the rest of your computer’s functionality appears to be intact. The temptation to just carry on or postpone finding a fix must be resisted or it could lead to disaster.
In this case not only was the automatic updates of Windows knocked out. Also the ability to access Windows security downloads manually was disabled. This severely handicaps your ability to fix the problem. You are effectively cut off from base. Your operating system provider cannot help you.
The next resort was to go to the Windows forums and discussion groups to find an independent route to getting a fix. A report of the same problem was quickly found after doing a search of the discussion group. A software package was recomended that could deal with this problem. The package in question had the major advantage that it was free! It is called Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware 1.31 and it can be found at and I strongly recommend it.
Besides the free downloads there are purchaseable versions as well. New versions are brought out every few days, so they obviously are continually developing new versions to deal with the latest threats.
Criminals are continually developing malware, including viruses, trojans and worms with the object of stealing money from members of the Internet community. Fortunately there are companies like Malewarebytes out there fighting them. They certainly fixed trojan.VUNDO for me.
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