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Kindle App Now Available for iPhone

I resisted getting an iPhone for a long time - clinging to my beloved Blackberry. But then I lost my Blackberry in a cab in SF - and thought - why not try an iPhone? It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Since day one - the number one thing I’ve used my iPhone for is to read books. I tried out several iPhone e-book readers including Stanza, Classics, and my favorite eReader. I’m not a great canidate for a Kindle because I hate the idea of having to carry around 2 separate devices. Plus, the Kindle is not backlit - and what I love most about reading books on my iPhone is being able to read in bed without a booklight.
However, while has a substantial collection of books available for purchase, it pales in comparison to the over 240,000+ books available for the Kindle.
Introducing The Best of Both Worlds
Recently Amazon released a Kindle iPhone App - so now I can enjoy the best of both worlds. The App itself still has a long way to go - but I’m excited to have access to so many books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and more all on my primary communications device.
If you’re wondering, here are the titles that I currently have on my iPhone Kindle App:
Crucial Conversations
A Whole New Mind
Team of Rivals
Eat, Pray, Love
Change the Way You See Everything Through Asset Based Thinking
Self-Made Man

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