Theater Review (Las Vegas): Danny Gans at Steve Wynn's Encore Resort:Hot and Latest News
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Theater Review (Las Vegas): Danny Gans at Steve Wynn's Encore Resort

Danny Gans, “The Man of Many Voices,” has a new show at Steve Wynn’s latest addition to his empire, the Encore. It’s a wonderful show for young and old alike. Gans is a singer, comedian, and celebrity impersonator. And he is terrific no mater what he does, whether doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, doing a great impression of Tom Jones, or telling jokes like Jeff Foxworthy. He has an easy rapport with an audience and they love him for it.

Danny Gans has a very impressive vocal instrument. He can impersonate the greats, like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Katherine Hepburn, and sing like Louis Armstrong, Elvis, Sammy Davis, James Taylor, and George Burns; in his show he does all of these and more. It is said that he can impersonate more than 200 people, and he varies the program nightly so you will never get the same show twice. He can improvise and switch gears when he needs to.

He is also extremely funny, and can respond with the best of them even when heckled by a friendly audience member. At one point in the evening he was ready to launch into impressions of singers from the 40s and 50s, but changed direction to please his audience. He then did lots of contemporary singers, including some newer ones many in the audience hadn’t even heard of. Once he had won them over and more or less proved he wasn't going to do the usual impersonations, the audience urged him to do whatever he wanted. By the show's conclusion Gans had them eating out of his capable hands.

Danny Gans comes across as a genuine article and not a dolled up Vegas performer, although his show is slickly professional and features a great band of seven talented musicians. You can tell that even the band loves his work and his versatility, something not often seen in shows like this. He has a way of making everything seem fresh. It is not surprising that he has been voted Best Comedian of The Year, Best Singer of The Year, and Best Show of The Year, and been named Best All-Around Entertainer eleven times. When in Vegas, take a chance on Danny Gans and you won't be disappointed; rather, you’ll be entertained and mesmerized by this impressive talent.

Danny Gans opened his new show in February 2009 and appears at the Encore indefinitely. See it!


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