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Kirkland's Dream Date, Jason Mesnick, Turns into a Nightmare

I've been festering over this whole thing since I watched "The Bachelor" finale and more importantly the 'after the rose' ceremony last night. There's Jason crying (photo left)- BOOHOOO! I didn't want to be hasty and write a nasty-gram blog post right when I got home because my outrage was still fresh. So, after about 14 conversations, 25 text messages, and a gazillion emails later(you guys crack me up, btw), I'll write you my I-can't-even-believe-it post now instead. Because my feelings haven't changed even with time to stew over it. And I know there are a lot of seething women out there-many with a renewed appreciation for our normal and stable husbands.

Our hometown sweetheart that convincingly charmed America with his nice guy persona has quickly delivered a swift but deadly stab to our hearts. There's no turning back now, Jason. We were so disappointed to learn that you're THAT guy. We've all known one of THOSE and now you're the poster boy. Branded for life- I hope Molly keeps you around b/c every other woman with a TV knows to run in the other direction.

My problem isn't with that fact that it didn't work out with Melissa- that's ok- things happen, things change. But to dump Melissa publicly and then be swooning over Molly 5 minutes later was just in poor taste. I realize you have to live this saga out in the public eye, but you can still have some decency and consideration for others. Couldn't you have broken up with Melissa privately and then updated us on the show? I can't believe the network could force you to do that. It was like a Jerry Springer episode. I'm suspecting that the threesome knew this was happening ahead of time which doesn't make it any better. That would make you just actors reaching for ratings in a publicity stunt that happens to be your twisted real life.

I couldn't stay awake for the Jimmy Kimmel episode w/Jason that followed the show, but you can find it here on you tube. Kimmel is a crack-up poking fun at Jason who's clearly spent some time prepping with PR. I was listening to the radio this morning and there was a guy that called in to thank Jason for lowering the bar for the rest of the men. Friends of Jason's seem to be surprised and confused and hopeful that there is more to the circumstance that what we all saw last night. Everyone who knows him insists he 'really is' a great guy. Well then, he's got some serious explaining to do. And for her sake, I hope Jillian has changed her phone number. ~j

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