Rihanna a victim of domestic violence?!:Hot and Latest News
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Rihanna a victim of domestic violence?!

The soap opera that is the Chris Brown and Rihanna saga has brought the very real topic of domestic violence to the forefront of the black music community as well
as the mainstream.

News that the pair allegedly reunited at a home owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs left domestic violence experts “dismayed” but not surprised at the reconciliation.
Though experts have weighed in since the story broke, neither Brown nor Rihanna have made any explicit statements about the incidents.At this point, it’s also unclear whether or not Brown will be charged in the incident, as the Los Angeles District Attorney is likely to push Brown’s Thursday court date back due to a lack of evidence.Lack of evidence aside, it has not kept those in high places from painting Brown as the chronic abuser and Rihanna as the victim.

“It makes perfect sense that she would go back to him,” Madeline Garcia Bigelow,
director of the domestic violence project at Manhattan’s Urban Justice Center,
tells the New York Daily News.“The reality is that when you’re in an intimate relationship with anyone you tend to give people chances.”

Another Manhattan psychologist said the reunion sent a “negative message” concerning domestic violence in relationships.“I think it sends a really negative message that it’s okay to remain in an abusive relationship and just to accept an apology and move on. I think she’s a role model and that’s why it’s such a concern.”

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