$780 (plus) Billion Dollar “Deal” Reached In Senate- Live:Hot and Latest News
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$780 (plus) Billion Dollar “Deal” Reached In Senate- Live

Senate Democrats reached agreement with key Republicans Friday night on an economic stimulus measure at the heart of President Barack Obama’s plan for reviving the economy. And we are so screwed.

Some officials put the cost of the measure at $780 billion in tax cuts and new spending combined. No details were immediately available, and there appeared to be some confusion among senators about the final price tag. The cost was down from the $900-plus billion price tag of the original proposal. Whoopee! Major markdown. A full Senate vote on the compromise was expected within days, although there are rumors that Ted Kennedy is being flown in tonight. Key Democrats said they believe they have enough votes to pass the foolery.

What has substituted for “bipartisanship” is essentially 3 turncoat Republicans jumping ship…Arlen Spector Susan Collins, and Olympia Snow.The REAL price right now is about $810 billion, plus Dems are working on a few other multi-billion dollar add-ons and amendments.

Great negotiating, GOP turncoats. Porkulus is now bigger than it was in the House. Usually, the opposite happens to a bill. There is NO bipartisanship, as only 3 Republicans in all of Congress are in support. America, keep up the pressure. We will live and remember this disaster for generations, this is now a full battle against European Socialism.


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