Some Republican Senators Will Vote for Stimulus Bill:Hot and Latest News
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Some Republican Senators Will Vote for Stimulus Bill

Two Republican Senators say they will support the economic stimulus plan as it currently is; Democratic leaders agreed to cut some planned spending. The bill went down from approximately $900 billion to $780-$820 billion. That is still an astonishing amount, but significantly lower than the original (which was passed earlier by the House).

Democrats needed the support of at least two Republicans; this would give the bill a filibuster proof majority and enable Democrats to claim that both parties supported the bill. In other words; if Americans disapprove of the bill, they will aim their wrath at both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Smart politics, then, from a Democratic perspective. From a Republican perspective, however, supporting the bill is ludicrous.
The two Republicans breaking ranks are Senator Arlen Specter (Penn.) and Susan Collins (Maine). They are ‘moderate Republicans’ who often prefer working on a bipartisan basis, seemingly even when bipartisanship hurts the country and the Republican Party.

Their support for this crappy bill is pretty much inexcusable. Republicans should have united on this one; it would’ve forced President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to throw the plan into the dust bin and invite Republicans to the table in order to negotiate a new, cheaper and more effective one.

The bill is useless, counterproductive even, overly expensive, and unpopular. Specter and Collins should be derided for their support. Their support for this bill is unwise and very bad indeed for the GOP.


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