John Tesh from the radio shuts down his website:Hot and Latest News
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John Tesh from the radio shuts down his website

Troubled times began to hit the entertainment industry as the economic slowdown compels artist John Tesh to close its flagship site of emerging social media. However, he plans to continue his blog at the moment because it is hosted by a free online service.

“It’sa very Bummer because I think we have made fantastic progress,” said CAP News Tesh collected during an exclusive phone interview. “We almost doubled the traffic since May last, which does not include all the hits from [wife] Connie [Sellecca].

“My Web statistician is comfortable that we have to hit double digits by the end of this month,” said Tesh.

Tesh social media site was just the latest project by the musician to remain financially solvent as it continues to see its popularity declined after his departure from Entertainment Tonight, there are more than a decade. Other efforts have ranged from a radio show to a daily schedule for free copies of his old CDs that are “just taking up too much space in the hallway upstairs.”

“In two weeks, I will launch a new program called Handyman John Tesh I come to your home and take care of various things,” says Tesh. “And all I ask in return, something along the lines of a sandwich or handful of pirates. A small bite of bread. ”

Tesh said his wife was very supportive of the recent fighting, especially since it does not appear in anything anyone has heard of the show from the hotel in the late 80s. Sellecca was trying to break the record for Melissa Gilbert life for most TV and Movie Appearances is the reward of one of the recent schemes Tesh money, “the kiss of money.”

“But no language,” said Sellecca. “Well, okay, if someone really shows us the money, then the language is a good thing. You want to buy products from skin care? ”

Tesh said he regretted not being able to get its social media site on the ground, but plans to live indirectly through fellow washed-up artist David Hasselhoff, whose social media network now boasts over 17,000 members - most of them in Germany.

“In retrospect, I think I need something catchy, like the Do not Hassle The Hoff thing,” said Tesh. “I should have spent with my original idea to launch a site called

“In this way, we could build buzz around things like, Hello, did you visit today thejohn? Or Sorry I’m late for the meeting, I was busy checking thejohn,” said Tesh. “You know, this sort of thing.”


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