Air Force strikes Hamas targets in Gaza:Hot and Latest News
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Air Force strikes Hamas targets in Gaza

Israeli aircraft struck Hamas outposts in south Gaza during the early hours of Monday morning in retaliation for Sunday's rocket fire on Israel. There were no reports of injuries.

Palestinian sources in the Strip said the Air Force attacked a Hamas outpost and a structure belonging to its security forces in Khan

Younis. According to reports, the structures were damaged and a fire broke at the scene. Reports of another IAF attack in Gaza were received a short while later, but there were no reports of injury in that strike either.

The IDF conformed that fighter jets attacked two Hamas outposts, one in north Gaza and another in the southern part of the coastal enclave. A hit was identified in both attacks, the army spokesperson's office said, adding that the strikes came in retaliation to two rockets that were fired toward Israel on Sunday.

The first rocket landed in a parking lot located in a western Negev kibbutz. No injuries were reported, but some vehicles caught fire. The second rocket hit south of Ashkelon, but caused no injury or damage.

The attacks emanating from Gaza have continued despite reports of progress in the negotiations on a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas and advanced talks regarding a prisoner exchange deal that will see kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit returned to Israel.


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