GOP Mayor Gives His Support For Obama's Stimulus Bill:Hot and Latest News
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GOP Mayor Gives His Support For Obama's Stimulus Bill

As a whole, the Republican Party could face another internal dilemma. This is in regards to the economic stimulus bill. United States President Barack Obama has continuously clashed with Republicans in Congress. The economic stimulus bill had passed through the United States House of Representatives. It was a bittersweet victory because there were no GOP votes on board.

A compromise has been reached in the US Senate between Democrats and moderate Republicans in this regard. Still, many Senate Republicans are opposed to Obama’s economic stimulus. However, there could be internal tensions within the GOP as a whole as a result.

So far, most of the GOP Governors are giving their support to Obama’s stimulus bill. They have split from their fellow peers in the US Congress. Asides from that, the National Governors Association is giving its support of it as well. However, these governors are not the only ones in support of the bill.

James Brainard, a Republican mayor in a Republican county of Indiana, gives his support for Obama’s stimulus bill. He explains that the government should be investing in the country’s infrastructure. Brainard explains that this is something government is supposed to do. He adds it will create value for the long-term.

He does explain that he would put the stimulus money to effective use. Brainard does fear a possible filibuster. While that does seem to be a highly slim possibility, Senate Democrats are confident that the stimulus will pass. The Senate vote has been pushed to Tuesday in that respect. So far, three GOP Senators are on board with Obama’s stimulus plan.

In respect to the stimulus money, Brainard feels that a good chunk of money given to states should be given to the mayors.

It is a proven fact that cities are going to get shovels in the ground faster than the states do,” Brainard said. In that respect, Brainard implies that the cities and towns could get to work much faster than the states can.

Brainard did say that he would use the stimulus money for roads and projects. To him, it would make people more competitive for jobs and so forth. Overall, it looks like Brainard is another Republican that is giving forth his support to Obama’s stimulus bill. One question should be asked: How many other Republicans will step forward and give their support to the stimulus?

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