Blink-182 Back Together REUNION!:Hot and Latest News
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Blink-182 Back Together REUNION!

Blink-182 back together CONFIRMED!

Blink-182 are back together, the reunion confirmed after the Grammys. The reunion of Blink-182 for 2009 was broke by David Kennedy earlier this weekend with word of a new album for 2009.

In case you missed the first story about this on LALATE earlier this weekend, here again is the recap.

Thursday night, David Kennedy told fans that even as A&A is about to put out a new album for 2009, so too is Blink-182 to everyone’s surprise.

“I’m trying to write a statement about how Angels is all good while Blink is coming back”.
“No sir. … It will be a good creative year and I want to make sure that comes across.”

And just to make sure it was super clear, another fan said, hey is Blink-182 reuniting?

“Yeah, putting out a record.”

The three appeared this Sunday as presenters at the Grammy Awards. Now after the awards show , Blink-182 issued the following official statement Sunday evening from Los Angeles:

“Hi. We’re blink-182. This past week there’ve been a lot of questions about the current status of the band, and we wanted you to hear it straight from us. To put it simply, We’re back. We mean, really back. Picking up where we left off and then some. In the studio writing and recording a new album. Preparing to tour the world yet again. Friendships reformed. 17 years deep in our legacy.

“Summer 2009. Thanks and get ready…”

2009 is going to be a great year!


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