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Charlie Hayden

Settling in after the girl's weekend to end all girl's weekends to watch the Grammy Awards. When I don't recognize the acts, I feel old, like I'm someone's Grammy. Le Sigh.

Live-blogging the 2009 Grammys.

- Bono needs to stop. I'm done with Bono.

- OMG, Whitney Houston is TOO much. This is epic. So funny. It's like she's retired from singing to follow Clive Davis around and talk weird.

- Oh, JHud, bless your heart. I love it when ladies bring their purses on stage with them.

- Ouch. Someone should think about maybe writing funny jokes for "The Rock". Huh? I mean why not? Poor "The Rock", lookin' the fool.

- Justin Timerlake writes his own jokes.

- And he's nice to Al Green. Everyone should be nice to Al Green.

- Holy crap, Carrie Underwood's guitarist. Jeepers!

- You have to assume that this Stevie Wonder / Jonas Bros collaboration was a product of a direct request from the White House.

- But aren't those Coldplay boys charming?

- "American Boy" was pretty much my favourite pop song this summer. Fun to see it live.

- Adele: You're talented and adorable. Now that I've said those nice things about you GIVE ME YOUR DRESS!!!!

- Morgan Freeman and Kenny Chesney are the most unlikely show biz friends in the history of unlikely show biz friends. That's just STRANGE.

- Not even Natalie Cole can ruin Herbie Hancock for me. Hey Everybody, look! It's Herbie!

- The Robeau thinks that Alison Krauss' dress is too revealing and that Robert Plant must be a bad influence on her.

- The lovely and talented Queen Latifah does her best to give Dean Martin his due with only 10 seconds to do it. Thank you, Queen. You. Are. Fabulous.

- M.I.A. rivals Amy Poehler for most pregnant rapper on Broadcast TV.

- Kanye's afro/mullet makes me laugh. He's always trying something, that one.

- Any "Rap Summit" that does not include Chuck D is less of a summit and more of a casual meeting, like the kind to be had at a coffee shop.

- Yeah, McCartney, you're still the cute one.

- AAAAHHH!!! Charlie Hayden. How exciting. Charlie Hayden and funny his son in law.

- Charlie Hayden gets 10 seconds to talk up Hank Jones! Jazz fans rejoice! Congratulations Mr. Jones. We love you.

- I want John Mayer to win this award because he will likely be the only one who knows / cares who Charlie Hayden is.

- Well, good.

- These Sugarland people are good.

- I'm being a lot less catty than I thought I would. If I was watching the Grammy's while PMSing I bet I would've hated everyone and everything.

- Adele, darling, get that dress made in every colour of the rainbow, twice and promptly send one of each TO ME.

- One of these days I'm going to get into Radiohead just like everyone tells me I should.

- Neil Diamond's coming up, huh? I ever tell you my creepy Neil Diamond story? Remind me to tell you my creepy Neil Diamond story.

- This is some kind of a lull in the show.

- Yes, President Obama is one of us, Creatives. That is a good thing.

- OK, guy, you're beating this "yes we can" theme TO DEATH! I get it, but enough already.

- Wait a minute, I like this idea of a Cabinet member for the Arts.

- Smokey's smile does look out of place. I love him, but he's a LOT of work done.

- FOUR TOPS TRIBUTE! First record I ever bought was a Four Tops Anthology...

- This makes me want to see "Standing in the Shadows of Motown". AGAIN.

- Oh, Josh Groban, clearly you haven't heard my creepy Neil Diamond story.
- The memorial stuff is often so awkward. Sorry to Blossom Dearie didn't make the cut. Also, Neil Hefti gets recognized for penning Batman?

- Please read more about Neil Hefti:

- "If it weren't for Neal Hefti, the Basie band wouldn't sound as good as it does." - Miles Davis

- Also, do you like the theme from The Odd Couple? Yeah? Neil Hefti wrote that too.

- Gary Senise introduces a tribute to NOLA. I guess lip service is better than nothing.

- Alan Toussaint is good at what he does.

- TERENCE BLANCHARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lil' Waynes Big Family is kinda adorable.

- Did I mention, TERENCE BLANCHARD???!!!!

- Congratulations to George Avakian on this much deserved honour.

- Terence Blanchard won a Grammy tonight, for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo. They should give this man an award a day. He should be on the award a day plan.

- Alison Krauss and Robert Plant almost as big an upset as Herbie last year. Seems like a nice record, good for them.

- "In the old days we would have called this selling out, but it's not a bad way to spend a Sunday" - Robert Plant

- Ah, Stevie. You're lovely. Always.

- MY album of the year: Roy Hargrove, Earfood Check it out!


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