Jillian and Ed Still Together:Hot and Latest News
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Jillian and Ed Still Together

Are Jillian and Ed still together? SPOILERS! Online reaction hopes Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski are not still together tonight.

And viewers may be in luck.


The Bachelorette doesn’t give you those post finale interviews on ABC.com like Daisy of Love’s finale did this week with VH1.com. So hence you don’t have some comments coming from Ed tonight that mirror London’s remarks on Daisy of Love that basically suggests the couple are still together.

But you do have something else.

Online chatter says Ed may not be together with Jillian at all because of a simple wrinkle - Ed reportedly has a girlfriend back home.

Is it true? While Ed said tonight “There’s nothing that would prevent me from getting down on one knee” that may not be the case.

The problem however is online reaction is fuming that Jillian chose Ed, seeing Kiptyn the perfect match. Do you agree?

Said Kiptyn:

“I’m getting there a lot quicker than I thought I would. For me, I would never propose if I’m unsure…. I really do see a future for us. When I say a future, I see marriage and kids. I’m falling in love with you.”

And with that, she turned him down!

“In the mean time, I’ve fallen in love with somebody else.”


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