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Axel Söderlund, A-lite, Luleå/Stockholm has directed the new music video “Spela Mig På Radion”, by Zacke ft. Movits!. We called him up to ask him a bit about the making of the video.

- The idea was to make it edgy and fun. We wanted to make it visual and twisted at the same time, says Axel.Axel has made videos for this collaboration before, and he is very satisfied with this one
- We shot the video in one (very very long) day. The first minute is all in one take. And everyone in the video had more the one roll to play. It was extremely coordinated chaos.

The video is shot with a Sony S35, which is a fully digital camera, kind of a competitor to the Red Camera.- It’s a very nice camera to work with, it makes sharp images and is sensitive to light, says Axel. Now, take a look at this excellent music video right away;


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