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Oh Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta was a totally different idea a blend of creativity, nudity and dance, backed up by excellent choreography by Margo Sappington. It was a landmark on sexual revolution.

As said by Broadway.com.

It was actually an experimentation for the returning of the period of sexual freedom.

Oh! Calcutts, runs successfully for a record 14 years (Debuting in 1970) challenging the social obstructions by representing the sexual revolution in a series of uproarious short comical dramatic performances, dance, and musical numbers written by popular figures including John Lennon, Sam Shepard, and Samuel Beckett.

This adult musical video actually matches the magic of Broadway with the exhilaration of a peep show over a rock score performed by a live band.

Directed by Jacques Levy, OH! CALCUTTA! never took sex too seriously. In 1989, the musical “Oh! Calcutta!” closed on Broadway.

Oh! Calcutta part 1


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